Friday, November 14, 2008

How in the world did I miss the whole summer with no blogging?! Time absolutely flies by and I just don't seem to be able to catch up.
The boys started kindergarten in August and are loving it. They have really enjoyed making new friends and they seem to do it so easily. I think their smiles just win people over!

They went through another season of soccer and had a lot of fun. This year they were playing against 6-8 year olds so they were the little guys. They held their own though and Papa did a good job as coach. They really enjoy sports and are already sweating the fact that they will someday have to choose between football and soccer. Oh the dilemmas of life!

We recently moved to a small town not too far from our last home. We love the "city" life.
It is so nice to have the boys school just 2 minutes down the road and to have neighbor kids for them to play with. Our neighborhood has 4 boys all age 6 in just 3 households! Lots of trampoline and LEGO time for sure. The house is great too. It is older and we are doing some remodeling but we have so much more space. More space means more kids, right? Well we hope to adopt again soon but are still waiting for the Lord to call us.

I know more has happened since I last blogged but for the life of me I can't remember any of it. Mommy brain I will call it!

Hope you enjoy the pics!

In Christ's Love,


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Month in Review

A quick run down of what the last month has held:
Ezra went back to the ENT for his ears. Found out with the tubes placed his hearing is completely normal! We were shocked and so was the doc who thought further surgeries would be required. Praise the Lord!

Boys had their 6th birthday! They both got new dirtbikes from Ma and Pa (against Mama's better judgement) and loved them. Had a birthday party with about 45 people in attendance. It was really like a welcome home slash birthday party and everyone seemed to have fun. We served some Liberian "peppa" soup which was a hit!

We went to Indiana Beach, a local but fairly large, amusement park. This was the boys first experience with rides and they had a blast. There is also a water area where the kiddos had fun running under the sprinkling water and swimming in a large pool.

The boys started swimming lessons and are doing really well. They pick up on these athletic type things so quickly. They can both swim short distances without floaties and absolutely love being in the water. The hardest part of swimming is that there skin gets so dry from all the chlorine but they think it is well worth it!

Just today we went to a place in Northern Indiana called Fair Oaks Farms. It is a dairy farm started by 9 farmers to educate kids about the dairy process. We got to see cows being milked, a cow being born, and learn a lot about the whole process of dairy farming. They had a climbing wall that looked like a huge jug of milk, a jumping pillow, and mini-tractors that the boys could ride.

It has been so fun to be able to introduce the boys to so many things. What makes it even more enjoyable is that the boys are so interested and appreciative. I remember the first time we were going to one of the boys soccer games. Ezra said out of the blue "I can't believe I get to be on a soccer team!" It is hard for even us to remember what little opportunity they came from and how big a deal some little things are to them.

For family news, we are currently trying to sell our house. We have found a house to buy that will be closer to the boys school and less work as far as yard and land. It will be an adjustment for Ry not to have so much land and to have neighbors but he is ready and I am definitely ready. Ry has also taken over preaching at church which he has really enjoyed. I know I am biased but he has such a calling for the ministry and God has blessed him with passion for the church and for God's people.

That is all I can remember right now about our last month. We are really enjoying the summer and hope you enjoy the pics!

In Christs' Love,

Monday, May 12, 2008

It's about time

I am so overdue in posting to my blog! The time just goes so quickly and it seems I never have the opportunity to just sit down.

The boys are now in full swing with soccer. This is the first organized sport they have played and they are doing really well. They are actually going to move up another age level just to see if they can hang with the big kids. They are both scoring upwards of 4-5 goals per game! They are both so blessed by God with natural athletic ability and it makes them really fun to watch.

Ezra had his ear surgery for tubes and adenoids 1 week ago today. He does seem to be hearing slightly better and pronouncing his words better as well. Only time will tell if he needs more surgeries and how much hearing he will ever regain. Below are pics of my little trooper in surgery recovery. The worst part for him was wearing a "dress", or hospital gown. He was so embarrassed. I know if it had been Addai he would have happily pranced down the hall showing off his backside!

The boys have not only mastered bikeriding but they are also now jumping ramps, thanks to Grammie! They are through and through boys. I was raised with a sister and just never realized how different boys are. You would think after being married to Ryan for almost 8 years I would have gotten a clue, a little slow on the draw I guess.

It's hard to believe but the boys will be six in just over 1 month. The time really flies but we are so enjoying being parents to these 2 cuties!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Cooking with Mama!

On Monday of last week we left for our roadtrip!! Just me, Ryan, the boys and 36 other people, most of them teenagers! We went on the annual Youth Group Bacon Break as we call it and we had a great time. Of course our boys loved being with the kids all week and being absolutely doted on non-stop. We had a lot of free time and a lot of lesson and devotion time with the kids. The hardest part was missing Ry all week. He was always right there with us but so busy with the kids we never had much time together. For that reason it is great to be home again!

The boys continue to do well with their schooling here at home. They actually read a story the other day thanks to Hooked On Phonics. A friend gave us the entire set and it has been a great tool to get the boys reading. To think that less than 3 months ago they came home not even recognizing one letter or number!

Ezra had yet another ear infection while we were on vacation, poor kid. We followed up with the doctor this week and he is sending us to a specialist. He feels Ezra has probably had a lot of previous infections that went untreated and he has also had a ruptured ear drum and lots of scarring. Needless to say at kindergarten round-up he failed the hearing test miserably.

Never ending fun with Legos

Both he and Addai went through round-up this week and are so excited to go to school, "When we turn six, right Mama!". They did really well with all of the testing and I think they won't have any real troubles in school.

We also had a tough week, as we remembered Miciah's first birthday on April 2nd. I really just can't believe sometimes that she is not here. Ry and I miss her dearly but try to always remember that she is with Jesus just waiting for us. We continue to struggle with where to go next in our adoption journey. We feel that God has more children planned for us but that we need to just be patient at this time and that he will provide when the time is right.

Tomorrow the boys and I will go up north to watch Papa in his first dirt bike race of the year. Ryan will also be doing his Heavenly Havoc ministry at the track and we pray for a good crowd that is eager to hear and receive God's word. This ministry has been so blessed with an attendance of 25-40 at every event. Not bad considering the first time it was done by another gentleman attendance was 1! This ministry is a really great way for Ryan to combine his 2 passions, dirt bikes and the Lord. Who would have thought that combo was even possible!

Well that is our last 2 weeks in a nutshell. I go back to work part-time in 1 week and our schedule is only going to get busier as summer nears but life would be boring with too much free time, right?

Bye for now.

In Christ's Love,


Saturday, March 15, 2008

How Time Flies

I cannot believe how long it has been since I last blogged and how quickly the days seem to pass! We have had a busy month so far with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. At the beginning of March we went to Indy to see a Supercross dirtbike race, an annual Lewellen event. In fact that is where Ryan took me for my 22nd birthday. I know girls, how romantic?! And yes to you men out there, I really am that great a girl! Anyways, the boys had a blast and so did we.

The night before we went to Kokomo for the boys first indoor swimming pool experience. The first hotel we booked had just lit the pilot light to the 50,000 (?) gallon pool when we got there. They said it might still be a little chilly. Somewhat of an understatement! About 10 secs in the pool and the boys were shaking like leaves. Not the best way to introduce the kids to water, so we found another hotel and had a great time swimming. The really neat thing was that at the second hotel the pool was filled with African-American teenagers. I wasn't sure the boys would notice but when we got back to the room the boys mentioned that Papa and I were the only white people in the pool. Of course, in the middle of the winter we are so white we appear clear, so it was pretty obvious!

The boys and I have continued on a pretty good routine and the boys seem to really thrive on it. I was telling a co-worker the other day that I have become more of a slacker recently though. Mornings used to look like this:

7:30 a.m.- The boys come in our room, wake Mama up and I jump out of bed, breakfast on the table 10 minutes later.
About 3 weeks into their time home, mornings began looking like this:

7:30 a.m.- The boys come in the room, wake Mama up, Mama says " Why don't you both go play for a little" in her sweetest voice.

Now, mornings look like this:

7:30 a.m.- The boys come in the room, wake Mama up, Mama says " Why don't you both go play for a little, and please shut Mama's door." :)

Boy, are kids consistent!

My time home is soon coming to an end and I will miss it so much. Ryan was even planning a summer garden, etc the other day just so that I wouldn't have to go back. It has been such a blessing to be home with the kids but I know that I will also be blessed by once again joining the world of adults. The great thing about kids is they don't care if I brushed my teeth, if my pajamas stay on till lunch, or if I manage to apply make-up at some point during the day!

In the coming weeks we will be celebrating Easter. I have so enjoyed having the opportunity to tell the children about Jesus' death and resurrection. They just love any Bible story and really take them to heart. I don't believe they have truly ever celebrated Easter. I have also been very aware this year what America makes of this Holy celebration. Strolling the aisles at Wal-Mart I found one chocolate cross and that was the only thing that even came close to depicting the true meaning of Easter. I wish the world knew the sacrifice Christ has made on our behalf. As I tell the story to the boys it hits even closer to home. Could I sacrifice my child's life for the greater good, knowing that not everyone would be touched? Christ has done so much for me and I see it daily in the faces of my children. I challenge you, the reader, to question your Easter celebrations this year and to really focus on Christ's death and resurrection.

The day after Easter we will be leaving for a Spring Break trip with the youth group. I have never had the opportunity to go because of my work schedule, and I can't wait! It is such a time of renewal and just a time to get away from the world and hassles of daily life.

I have really been missing Miciah lately. She was such a precious girl and there are times I just can't believe she isn't here. Sometimes when I am in the van pulling away from the house I suddenly panic and think I have left her at home. If I hear a baby cry I think it is her. I know all these feelings are normal but that doesn't really make it any easier. Today at the grocery store a woman who knew about the baby said "At least she died while you were still in Africa. Maybe someday you can just adopt another girl." I know she meant well but this little girl was my daughter, not just "some girl". And even though our time together was short she had lived in my heart for a very long time. I have to believe God has a plan that is so much bigger than me that I can't see it. My faith has certainly been my strength and I am so thankful for it.

Until next time...
In Christ's Love,


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Open wide

The boys had their first dentist appointments on Tuesday and they were troopers. Ezra volunteered to go first and Addai was more than happy to let him! Neither of the boys had ever had any dental work but we explained what was going to happen and the dental hygenist was great. She said she had never seen so much plaque build-up on any child before. Not really what you want to win first prize at but hey, we'll take it. It took a full 30 mins for her to chip through the tartar but both boys teeth look great now. The dentist didn't see any decay but said Addai will definitely need braces in the future. We asked him if he agreed with the boys ages. He said he thought they were pretty close dentally. Ezra has his 6 yr molars but hasn't lost any teeth and Addai has lost his four bottom teeth but doesn't yet have his molars. Like I said, these boys are night and day.
Ezra's ears are so much better and we are so thankful that they have recovered so well. We return to the doctor on Friday to see if both infections have cleared up.
We are truly amazed with the progress the boys have made in this short month home. They are speaking more clear "American" english, eating American food with more ease, playing like real brothers, and just basically blending right in. Ryan and I are also equally amazed with our new Liberian English prowess. We had watched a video online about Liberian rap prior to leaving for Liberia. We couldn't even believe at the time that the boys that were singing were speaking any form of English. We re-watched the same video today and caught almost every single word. It is just unreal how your mind and your ears adapt and we find ourselves speaking to the boys more in Liberian English at times than in American English!
I always have to include at least one comical kid story, so here goes. The boys take a nap everyday anywhere from 1 to 2 hours long (jealous anyone?!). Well today after about 40 mins I heard something in their room. Ryan was walking past right then so I asked him to peek in on them. He stood at the door for a few minutes and gave a slight signal with his head. Come to find out Addai had been caught in the act! He had climbed the ladder to Ezra's bed and had Ezra's Yertle the Turtle midswing towards Ezra's head! That little booger. Just as Papa opened the door Addai looked back and Ezra was saved from Yertle! Back to bed he went and Ryan came away from the door barely able to suppress full out laughter!
Ryan and I still can't belive how blessed we are by these children. Hope you also get a good chuckle from their many antics!
In Christ's Love,

Monday, February 18, 2008


So the boys hair has been getting long and we took it upon ourselves to cut it, as you can see. Papa took the first swipe on Addai when we realized that the clipper guard was a little too short to say the least. Well then mohawks it is, all around. Kinda forgot that our social worker comes in 2 days for our follow-up appt to the adoption. Hope she has an open mind or is gullable enough to think it is a "tribal" thing!

The boys are okay with the haircuts and Papa goes to get his mohawk done in a few days. Ezra really requested a star and Addai a cross, but hey we only have so much talent in this house!

Finally found a food that at least Addai is crazy about, PB&J. Go figure. I gave him one half sandwich at lunch figuring it would go over like a lead balloon. When he had finished, in record time, he asked for 2 more!

We watched The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe from the Chronicles of Narnia tonight. I have read a few of the books but have never seen the movie. It was really great and the boys seemed to enjoy it. About 3/4 of the way through we paused the movie and explained to them the parallel the story has with the Bible. They really know their Bible stories and I think they really understand a lot of the meaning behind the movie. It also made it less scary for them to put it into these terms, Jesus versus Satan.

Ezra's ear infection is getting better and his hearing seems a little better. We follow up with the doctor in about another week and are praying for his hearing to return to 100%.

That's all for now from the Lew Crew. I am sure there will be new adventures tomorrow to report!